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Bodacious Creed Head 01 by JonathanFesmire Bodacious Creed Head 01 by JonathanFesmire
June 22, 2013

I've been wanting to write a novel about Bodacious Creed (this picture is from my Bodacious Creed thesis) since I started working on my demo reel. I'm creating a Kickstarter project now so that I can afford to write and publish his story!

The Facebook fan page is here: [link]

If you like Steampunk, zombies, the Wild West, or horror, you'll love this.

Previous Notes:

Here is the main character of my thesis, US Martial Robert Creed, aka "Bodacious Creed." A tough lawman who sometimes crossed the line of good ethics to bring in the worst criminals, Creed was murdered in 1860. He was brought back later that year, undead by way of Steampunk technology.

I flipped the Cortex Interface [link] to the other side of his head. I thought that would help balance out the Human Reanimation Contraption [link] .

You can read all about it in the proposal for my MFA thesis, at [link] .

The thesis title is Bodacious Creed. Again, check out the blog for more information. I should be posting concept images for it pretty regularly. Here's the main blog page: [link] .

This is an early concept image. I intend for him to end up looking much more gaunt and wrinkled, so much so that it would not make sense to have an actor play him in a movie. He is intended to be a realistic CG character.
mrlennon Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010
very well done. I would be very afraid by this guy; even by the lloks of him! ;)
JonathanFesmire Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
That's the idea! :)
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